Ligustrum vulgare

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Noun1.Ligustrum vulgare - deciduous semi-evergreen shrub used for hedges
privet - any of various Old World shrubs having smooth entire leaves and terminal panicles of small white flowers followed by small black berries; many used for hedges
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Ligustrum vulgare - very common; 2 pcs Swida sanguinea - blood bloody; 2 pcs Euonymus europaeus -brslen European;1 pc.
Additionally, there is also a possibility to isolate oleacein in significant amount from aqueous extracts from leaves of Ligustrum vulgare L.
Differential accumulation of flavonoids and hydroxycinnamates in leaves of Ligustrum vulgare under excess light and drought stress.
Ligustrum vulgare ydi'r enw gwyddonol ar yr hil frodorol ac maen nhw'n blodeuo tua canol haf fel rheol.
Antioxidative properties of methanol extracts from leaves and fruits of Ligustrum vulgare L.
platanoides ([degrees]) (4) Yew Taxus baccata * (3) Catalpa Catalpa bignonioides ([degrees]) (2) Charm Carpinus betulus * (1) Privet Ligustrum vulgare ([degrees]) (1) Sunflower Helianthus annuus ([degrees]) (1) Buds Birches Betula Chestnuts Aesculus flava and pendula and B.
y Sambucus nigra, registrandose una presencia mas esporadica de Acer pseudoplatanus, Juglans regia, Ligustrum vulgare, Prunus avium, P.
Targeted DSS, DWF Ligustrum obtasifolium Watch List DWF Ligustrum vulgare Well-Established DWF Lonicera X bella Watch List DWF Rhamnus cathartica Targeted DWF Rosa canina Watch List DWF Rosa multiflora Targeted DSS, DWF Viburnum opulus var.
250 St Ligustrum vulgare (Common privet), Shrub, 60 to 100 cm
37 The white-flowered, black-berried shrub Ligustrum vulgare is a very common sight in British towns - what is its common name?
Lonicera maackii (Amur honeysuckle) and Ligustrum vulgare (Common privet) are two exotic shrubs that have naturalized throughout the eastern and midwestern United States.