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at 1094-95 (1987) (There is "concern that there are many instances in which stock that may take advantage of the dividends-received deduction may be issued to holders that are essentially anticipating an investment that has an enhanced likehood of recovery of principal or of maintaining a dividend or both, or that otherwise has certain non-stock characteristics").
In any event, their inclusion decreases the likehood of finding a brand-name loss.
When two or more models are taken for analysis which have the same number of the parameters, then for suitability selection log likehood function can be used.
MEGA5: molecular evolutionary genetics analysis using maximum likehood, evolutionary distance, and maximum parsimony methods.
99 Pseudo- likehood Transition Mixed Small Larvae Small Larvae MNC -0.
37074 The subPSEC score estimates the likehood of a functional effect from a single amino acid substitution.
00 Cut point Correctly Likelihood Likehood classified ratio + ratio - ([greater than or equal to]1) 28.
Nowadays, the most pernicious effect of the renewed Chinese interest in Africa is that China is legitimizing and encouraging African's repressive regimes, by increasing the likehood of weak and failed states (P.
With high likehood ratio given level might serve as a support.