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 (lĭl′ē-koi′) also li·li·ko'i (lē′lē-kō′ē)
n. pl. lilikoi also liliko'i

[Hawaiian liliko'i, after Liliko'i , valley of Maui where the passionflower was first introduced to Hawaii in the 1880s.]
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com)--their lilikoi quark flavor blends passion fruit with goat cheese from the island's Surfing Goat Dairy.
Finishing the evening, dessert consisted of macadamia nut cake layered with chocolate and lilikoi mousse, then topped off with tropical fruit confit and kona coffee caviar.
For the lilikoi chocolate: In two flexible, 24 Cavity, nonstick
The album starts with one of the best songs of the year so far, impish Go Do, and carries on with Animal Arithmetic and Boy Lilikoi to the weeping sadness of Grow Till Tall and Hengilas.
Another option for breathtaking home flower arrangements is the exotic passiflora, a large flower with a variety of shapes and colors, as well as varietals like Knight, Organensis, Lilikoi, Purple Haze, Blue Boutique and Coral Seas.
Coconuts, bananas, avocadoes, lemons, limes, guava, lilikoi, persimmon, oranges, cherimoya, soursop, custard apples, rose apples and humans grow well on our rich soil and pure well water.
These pigs feed under scattered guava, mango and lilikoi fruit trees, where they can be successfully stalked, or a hunter can opt for a hunt with dogs, baying the pig in an effort to make a kill.
The facility took the form of a web-based threaded discussion forum powered by Ceilidh, a forum commercially produced by Lilikoi Software (Figure 1).
Place cooked sea bass on top of salad and drizzle with lilikoi vinaigrette.