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 (lə-lē′ə-ō-kə-lä′nē, lē-lē′o͞o-ō-kä-lä′nē), Lydia Kamakaeha Paki 1838-1917.
Queen of the Hawaiian Islands (1891-1893). She was the last Hawaiian ruler to govern the islands.


(Biography) Lydia Kamekeha (ˌkɑːmeɪˈkeɪhɑː). 1838–1917, queen and last sovereign of the Hawaiian Islands (1891–95)


(liˌli u oʊ kɑˈlɑ ni)

Lydia Ka•me•ke•ha (ˌkɑ mɛˈkɛ hɑ) 1838–1917, last queen of the Hawaiian Islands 1891–93.
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Noun1.Liliuokalani - queen of the Hawaiian islands (1838-1917)Liliuokalani - queen of the Hawaiian islands (1838-1917)
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Arriving after the illegal overthrow of Queen Lilioukalani, Hawai'i's last indigenous monarch, by American businessmen, James Dole joined a white elite which was beginning to establish plantations for industrial sugar cultivation.
Honolulu, Hawaii and Owing Mills, Maryland Charitable causes 6 QUEEN LILIOUKALANI TRUST (6) LAND: 357 306 (7) Honolulu, Hawaii BLDG: 475 TOTAL :832 % CHANGE: -4% Orphan and Destitute children of Hawaiian ancestry.