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1. An evil female spirit in ancient Semitic legend, alleged to haunt deserted places and attack children.
2. The first wife of Adam in Hebrew folklore, believed to have been in existence before the creation of Eve.

[Hebrew lîlît, from Akkadian lilītu, from Sumerian lilla, a demon.]
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1. (Judaism) (in the Old Testament and in Jewish folklore) a female demon, who attacks children
2. (Bible) (in the Old Testament and in Jewish folklore) a female demon, who attacks children
3. (Judaism) (in Talmudic literature) Adam's first wife
4. (European Myth & Legend) a witch notorious in medieval demonology
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(ˈlɪl ɪθ)

1. (in Semitic myth) a female demon dwelling in deserted places and attacking children.
2. (in Jewish folklore) Adam's first wife, before Eve was created.
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Noun1.Lilith - in ancient Semitic folklore: a female demon who attacks children
Semitic deity - a deity worshipped by the ancient Semites
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