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v. i.1.To loll.
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Mr Lill gave a brilliant performance of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No 2 at last summer's Welsh Proms.
Parkgate's consolation came from Lill in the 90th minute.
The near-capacity audience listened in awed silence as Lill gave a commanding performance of the limpid Adagio sostenuto second movement.
Mr Lill said the driver then escaped "at speed", leaving the man stuck in the bin for at least an hour - until he was rescued by fire crews using a disc grinder.
Regarding the Intergeo/Mercator combination, Lill said, "The entire Intergeo organization and its owners are very excited by the potential of a combination with Mercator.
Lill was masterful balancing its delicacy and excitement.
We have grown an understanding amongst our audience that talented artists are not just focused on their careers but [they] notice and want to contribute to ease problems in our society," says Pille Lill, the Artistic Director and founder of PLMF.
Mr Van Lill, 29, was reported missing after he failed to turn up for clients' training sessions at his gym in Chippenham, Wilts.
St Cross treasurer Barrie Lill, 63, said: "The shortage of burial space in churchyards will probably become more of a problem now that churches are closing and the population is ageing.
Prior to establishing KAL Architecture, Lill was a senior associate, account & project manager at The Phillips Group from 1996 to 2005.
Wendy Lill and David Fennario are two major artists who have continued to engage in the political onstage.