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Noun1.Lillie - British actress (born in Canada) (1898-1989)
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Cooper and Greenlaw--on what is called the Hill Ranch they left two of their dead, "Little Lillie" and "Little David," who rest to-day inside a tiny square of hand-hewn palings.
One of our bridesmaids was Lillie Smith, wife of Len Smith.
Lillie. On Gammon Parade Field, amid hundreds of onlookers, family, and friends, Brigadier General Nilo bid her farewell to almost 1,000 assembled soldiers of the Chemical School and Regiment.
Christopher Lillie and Dawn Reed were named in an independent report published last year into mass child abuse involving more than 60 children at a council run nursery in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
There is no plan B for Cyprus, British High Commissioner Stephen Lillie said, urging Greek and Turkish Cypriots to resume reunification talks as soon as possible, as conditions were becoming more difficult with the passage of time.
Cyprus and UK should strengthen their partnership in combatting illicit finance, British High Commissioner Stephen Lillie said on Wednesday.
Sam Winterflood and partner, Lillie Lockwood decided to make their passion for zero waste into a business, opening a shop in Shrewsbury.
Peter Lillie, cofounder of Presca Teamwear, said: "This major investment will help us to further develop our game-changing approach to performance teamwear.
Lillie Haines, 21, was 'having a nose' through Caroline Eastwood'sFacebookphotos earlier this week when she spotted the mum posing in an all too familiar black dress with mesh cutouts.
ICONIC nightclub Lillie's Bordello is set to close its doors after than 20 years in business.
The first child of Marion and Lelia (Martin) Stephens, Lillie was born Aug.
Lillie, have committed to purchase an aggregate of $25M worth of Newell stock with their personal capital in the open market if Starboard successfully replaces Newell's Board of Directors at the company's 2018 Annual Meeting of Stockholders.