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(Animals) a slug
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Noun1.limax - a genus of LimacidaeLimax - a genus of Limacidae      
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
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GABA-like immunoreactivity (GABAli) was initially localized to small neurons in the buccal, cerebral, and pedal ganglia in the terrestrial slug Limax maximus (Cooke and Gelperin, 1988).
Two other species of the family Limacidae are reported in Brazil, Limax maximus Linnaeus, 1758 e Lehmannia valentiana (Ferussac, 1822) (THOME & GOMES, 2011).
Different species of land snails and slugs namely Cyclophorus sp., Acusta despecta, Achatina fulica, Satsuma mercatoria (snails) and Limax sp., Deroceras varians, Phiomycus billineatus, (slugs) from Kadena AB Okinawa Japan were studied for parasitic infection (Asato, 1974).
In order to avoid this limitation, the LiMAx (liver maximum function capacity) test was introduced.
The leopard slug, aka Limax maximus, might be worth leaving alone as it is carnivorous and will eat other slugs
To our knowledge, Tennessee only has four reported introduced species of terrestrial gastropods (Cepaea nemoralis, Oxychilus cellarius, Opeas pyrgula, Limax maximus;; Dundee, 1974) so the existence of a fifth introduced species would be significant.
Walker et al., 2006) (=Mastigamoeba invertens (Klebs, 1893)) Class Tubulinea 4 Arcella vulgaris P Bt (Ehrenberg, 1830) 5 Centropyxis aculeate P Bt (Ehrenberg) (Stein, 1857) 6 Dactylosphaerium P Bt polypodium (Ehrenberg) 7 Euglypha ciliate P Bt (Ehrenberg) (Leidy, 1879) 8 Saccamoeba limax P Bt (Page, 1969) Phylum-group Alveolata; Phylum Ciliophora Subphylum Ciliata Class Kinetophragminophora 9 Amphileptus anser Pr Pl, Bt (Ehrenberg, 1838) 10 A.
Las principales plagas que se presentan en este cultivo son: Copitarsia sp., Spodoptera sp., Agrotis ipsilon (Hufnagel), Feltia sp., Macrosiphum sp., Aphis fabae (Scopoli), Bemisia sp., Liriomyza huidobrensis (Blanchard), Amauromyza sp., Argyrotaenia sp., Anomala sp., Cyclocephala sp., Lygirus sp., Vaginulus sp., Limax sp.
The Limax Dacampi, found in Yorkshire, which can measure up to 15cm in length, and the Deroceras panormitanum, found in Cardiff, which is much smaller - measuring up to 3.5cm.