Limb of the law

a lawyer or an officer of the law.
- Landor.

See also: Limb

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He is now something under fifteen and an old limb of the law. He is facetiously understood to entertain a passion for a lady at a cigar-shop in the neighbourhood of Chancery Lane and for her sake to have broken off a contract with another lady, to whom he had been engaged some years.
However, there was no braver man in the saddle and he rode a number of big race winners which included the Grand Sefton on Good Date (1947), the Imperial Cup on The Pills (1954) and the Queen Elizabeth Chase on Limb Of The Law (1955).
IN 1955 he rode Limb Of The Law to win the Queen Elizabeth Chase at Hurst Park, but gradually his injuries took their inevitable toll and he retired in 1956 on medical insistence.