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 (lĭm′bûrg′, -bœrKH′)
A former duchy of northwest Europe. Founded in the 11th century, it was incorporated into the Netherlands in 1815 and divided into the Dutch and Belgian provinces of Limburg in 1839.
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(ˈlɪmbɜːɡ; Dutch ˈlɪmbyrx)
1. (Placename) a medieval duchy of W Europe: divided between the Netherlands and Belgium in 1839
2. (Placename) a province of the SE Netherlands: contains a coalfield and industrial centres. Capital: Maastricht. Pop: 1 142 000 (2003 est). Area: 2253 sq km (809 sq miles)
3. (Placename) a province of NE Belgium: contains the industrial regions of the Kempen coalfield. Capital: Hasselt. Pop: 805 786 (2004 est). Area: 2422 sq km (935 sq miles). French name: Limbourg


(Dutch ˈlɪmbyrx) or


(Biography) de. active ?1400–?1416, a Dutch family of manuscript illuminators. The three brothers Pol, Herman, and Jehanequin are best known for illustrating the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, one of the finest examples of the International Gothic style
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(ˈlɪm bɜrg; Du. ˈlɪm bœrx)

a medieval duchy in W Europe: now divided into a province in the SE Netherlands (Limburg) and a province in NE Belgium (Limbourg).
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At a press event to speak about the survey, German Trade Office Executive Director Axel Limberg said the majority of German companies in Taiwan will continue to operate and invest in the country in 2019, which indicates that Taiwan is still perceived as an attractive business location.
[3,4] Therefore, primary closure may not be feasible after excision in some circumstances, and various flaps including Limberg flap, V-Y advancement flap, and Z-plasty have been described for closure of defects after excision.
However, the cash benefits for local communities are often not distributed equitably, and village elites have secured a disproportionate share of these benefits, as they act as brokers between villagers, companies, and the government (Moeliono, Wollenberg, and Limberg 2009; Barr et al.
Professional identity development theory is a theoretical framework founded in Erikson's (1968) identity development theory that combines the identity components of personal development, including faith development, with a progression through professional preparation to establish an integrated theory for meaning-making and identity in an occupational context (Limberg et al., 2013; Pittman & Foubert, 2016; Trede, Macklin, & Bridges, 2012).
Effectiveness of Limberg and Karydakis flap in recurrent pilonidal sinus disease.
The most frequently used surgical methods include excision-primary repair, excision-marsupialization, excision-leaving open, Bascom's operation, Karydakis operation, VYZ plasty, and Limberg flap and oval flap techniques.
The constructivists learning theory is well manifested across the three rungs, acknowledging in each rung the conception that information literacy is an object of teaching as well as an object of learning (Limberg, Sundin, & Talja, 2012).
L/Cpl Alfred Ellery, Northumberland Fusiliers, made a 'home run' from the POW camp near Limberg, a small German town 50 miles north-west of Frankfurt.
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