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(Placename) the French name for Limburg13


(ˈlɪm bɜrg; Du. ˈlɪm bœrx)

a medieval duchy in W Europe: now divided into a province in the SE Netherlands (Limburg) and a province in NE Belgium (Limbourg).
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The Tres riches heures of the Duc de Berry, illustrated by the three Limbourg brothers from 1413 to 1416 (completed in the 1480s by Jean Colombe), is justly considered the apex of devotional illumination: on 206 folios it included 65 exquisite full-page illustrations and 63 half-page miniatures placed in columns.
They show in no uncertain terms that he was one of the most successful international artists in late medieval Europe: a central force in the vast artistic output of the Burgundian court at Dijon; and, as uncle to the famous miniaturists the Limbourg brothers, he was both literally and figuratively one of the key links in the genealogy of International Gothic.
Among the small masterpieces is what the museum labels 'one of the most sumptuous manuscripts to have come down to us from the Middle Ages,' the 'Belles Heures' ('Beautiful Hours') or private devotional book of Jean de France, Duke of Berry, created by the famed Limbourg Brothers in Paris between 1405 and 1409.
Peter Limbourg, director general of the opera gala's media partner DW, also referenced the worldwide dimension of the crisis that has disappeared from the headlines but nevertheless rages on.
Limbourg, "Capacitated vehicle routing problem with sequence-based pallet loading and axle weight constraints," EURO Journal on Transportation and Logistics, 2014.
regionid=1&articleid=52709 Peter Limbourg recently described her sentencing as a "disgrace.
O diretor do museu a epoca, Thomas Hoving, concordando com Von Bothmer, foi ainda mais efusivo, comparando o vaso a Capela Sistina, ao sarcofago de Alexandre em Istambul, as iluminuras do Livro das Horas dos irmaos Limbourg e a certas aquarelas de Durer, e situando o vaso em questao no conjunto dessas "obras primas unicas", e dizendo que "para o amar, e preciso olha-lo apenas uma vez" (Watson e Todeschini 2007: x-xi, trads.
On hand to tackle these issues will be a world class roster of respected industry thought leaders including Jon Feltheimer, CEO, Lionsgate; Victor Koo, Chairman & CEO, Youku Tudou; Andrew Rashbass, Chief Executive of Reuters, Thomson Reuters; Tom Mockridge, CEO, Virgin Media; Peter Limbourg, Director General, Duetsche Welle; Barry Cupples, Global CEO, Investment, OMG; David Haslingden, CEO, NHNZ; Jim Samples, President, International, Scripps; Sam Blackman, CEO, Elemental Technologies; Dr.
Bassem Youssef is one of the most renowned critical voices of the Arab world," commented Peter Limbourg,Director General of DW.
Konig, Eberhard, and John Lowden, La biblia moralizada de los Limbourg: De los hermanos Limbourg a George Trubert, Facsimile commentary.
On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Deutsche Welle's Hausa service, the radio service's Director General Peter Limbourg said that international media have an important role to play in Africa.