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A soft white cheese with a very strong odor and flavor.

[Flemish, one from Limburg, after Limburg, where it was first produced.]


(Cookery) a semihard white cheese of very strong smell and flavour. Also called: Limburg cheese


(ˈlɪmˌbɜr gər)

a soft, white cheese having a strong odor and flavor.
[1810–20; after Limburg; see -er1]
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Noun1.Limburger - a soft white cheese with a very strong pungent odor and flavor
cheese - a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk
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Washington, August 1 ( ANI ): A corpse flower nicknamed Chanel has bloomed for the first time in the US and in the process has released a stench resembling a cross between rotting flesh and Limburger cheese.
An American replication of Germany's Limburger cheese, Liederkranz is made subtly different by the use of a distinct bacterial culture for ripening.
Maybe, but let's not forget my Eugene-themed haiku, which, once in print, had the literary odor of Limburger cheese left in the fridge too long.
YUMMY Limburger cheese, a smear-ripened variety that is among the favourites of the Christmas table, is another to benefit from smear-ripening.
based Chalet Cheese Cooperative has redesigned its Limburger cheese label to indicate the degree of flavor depth by describing assertiveness based on when the buyer opens and serves the cheese.
If you forget that, don't go no farther than the googoo camp, for what the googoos will do to you will be sauerkraut and limburger cheese to what I will do.
If you want to get a little sense of what it smells like, just sniff some Limburger cheese and imagine the smell magnified thousands of times.
Nevertheless, once in a while one would surface and change the course of events, for example, when an unnamed student placed some Limburger cheese in the ventilating system.