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a dock district in the East End of London, England, once notorious for its squalor: formerly a Chinese quarter.
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"The house with the bow-window," said Wemmick, "being by the river-side, down the Pool there between Limehouse and Greenwich, and being kept, it seems, by a very respectable widow who has a furnished upper floor to let, Mr.
When, an hour later, a Martian appeared beyond the Clock Tower and waded down the river, nothing but wreck- age floated above Limehouse.
Flora used to tell her something of her life in that household, over there, down Limehouse way.
But, Abbey was only short for Abigail, by which name Miss Potterson had been christened at Limehouse Church, some sixty and odd years before.
Limehouse Aromatic Gin and Tonic 250ml, PS1.80 Subtle earthy botanicals balance the bright citrus zing of this refreshing Limehouse gin and tonic mix.
Five were in London, including the worst, Poplar and Limehouse with 58.5% of kids in poverty after housing costs.
029 2063 6464 MUSIC Limehouse Lizzy Renowned for an action-packed pyrothechnic-fuelled explosion of a show, Limehouse Lizzy continue to keep the spirit of Celtic rock icon Phil Lynott and his band Thin Lizzy alive, well and dominating stages.
RTG's Limehouse Agencies Buys Corporate Underwriting, Dublin-Based Marine Agency
FOUR PAGES OF LISTINGS START HERE The Limehouse Golem A series of gruesome and bloody murders have shaken the Limehouse community.
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FILM The Limehouse Golem (15) A stylish battle of wits between Scotland Yard and a diabolical serial killer, in which Bill Nighy gives a measured and moving performance as a righteous police officer, whose career has been dogged by rumours that "he's not marrying kind".