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There are limit-cycle oscillation solutions in a multi-degree-of-freedom system with friction.
This method has been demonstrated on a two-dimensional subsonic inviscid flow over a bump with forcing and been successfully used to predict the limit-cycle oscillation behavior over an elastic panel in supersonic flow [26, 27].
is odd in x = (x, y); moreover the system h-2u yields a stable limit-cycle; therefore, for nonzero initial conditions, x1 = ([x.sub.1], [y.sub.1]) and [x.sub.2] = ([x.sub.2], [y.sub.2]) will oscillate and reach antisynchrony.
He covers global concepts and challenges related to the control of intelligent mobile robots, autonomous navigation in cluttered environments, hybrid continuous/discrete multi-controller architectures, hybrid reactive/cognitive and homogeneous control architecture based on a parallel elliptic limit-cycle, flexible and reliable autonomous vehicle navigation using an optimal waypoints configuration, and the cooperative control of multi-robot systems.
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Various researchers (Buder, 1996; Condon, 1985; Reddy, Sen, & Johnston, 2000) have functionally characterized neuronal circuits as limit-cycle oscillators, (1) a general category that also includes all clocks and chronometers.
The second issue is created by signal rounding and has two caveats: limit-cycle oscillations and round-off noise.
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During the concept-evaluation stage, a single hydraulic actuator with a three-position solenoid-operated on-off valve was modeled, and simulations were performed to determine the relative importance of the various parameters and to study the anticipated limit-cycle behavior.
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