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A city of west-central France northeast of Bordeaux. Its ceramic industry dates to the 1700s.


(lɪˈməʊʒ; French limɔʒ)
(Placename) a city in S central France, on the Vienne River: a centre of the porcelain industry since the 18th century. Pop: 139 026 (2006)



1. a city in S central France. 147,406.
2. Also called Limoges′ ware`. a type of fine porcelain manufactured at Limoges.
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I vow to Saint Nicholas of Limoges a candlestick of pure gold ''
"It was La Blanche Rose, maid at the sign of the `Trois Corbeaux' at Limoges. Bless her pretty heart!
Thus he could converse with the Minister for War about silkworms, with the Minister of Education about detective stories, with the Minister of Labor about Limoges enamel, and with the Minister of Missions and Moral Progress (if that be his correct title) about the pantomime boys of the last four decades.
Contract notice: This contract is for the acquisition, for the chamber of commerce and industry of limoges and haute-vienne, of computer equipment and the support of the after-sales service under the guarantee of the equipment.
Limoges, in the Limousin region of central France, is known for its medieval enamels, its 19th-century porcelain and oak barrels for storing Cognac.
CARLSTADT, N.J.-Haviland, a French manufacturer of Limoges porcelain, has announced a plan to restructure under French bankruptcy law.
Camille Limoges has been appointed to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC).
When supplies of suitable china became unsure, David Haviland went to Limoges in France to make and ensure a reliable supply of fine china for the family business in America.
Territory of limoges metropolis - urban community 87000 limoges
Certainly the suppliers, retailers and collectors of Limoges boxes would agree.
Contract notice: assistance to project management (amo) - follow-up mission - animation of the property restoration operation of limoges mtropole - urban community