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Li·mou·sin 1

A historical region and former province of central France west of the Auvergne Mountains. It was included in the dowry given by Eleanor of Aquitaine to Henry II of England in 1152 and was eventually reconquered by France (1370-1374).

Li·mou·sin 2

Any of a breed of beef cattle developed in France and having a golden-red coat.

[After Limousin1.]


(French limuzɛ̃)
(Placename) a region and former province of W central France, in the W part of the Massif Central


(Breeds) a breed of fairly large yellowish-to-reddish-gold beef cattle originally from France


(li muˈzɛ̃)

1. a historic region and former province in central France.
2. a metropolitan region in central France. 735,800; 6541 sq. mi. (16,942 sq. km).
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Noun1.Limousin - a region of central France to the west of the Auvergne mountains
France, French Republic - a republic in western Europe; the largest country wholly in Europe
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All the windows and doors had been taken away, and sufficiently large holes were conspicuous in the dilapidated roofs, but the surrounding land was laid out in fields that were highly cultivated, and the old garden spaces had been turned into meadows, watered by a system of irrigation as artfully contrived as that in use in Limousin. Unconsciously the commandant paused to look at the ruins of the village before him.
Why, sir, two years after I had taken these momentous trifles in hand, and had carried the matter through to the end, every poor family in the Commune had two cows at least, which they pastured on the mountain side, where (without waiting this time for an authorization from the Council of State) I had established a system of irrigation by means of cross trenches, like those in Switzerland, Auvergne, and Limousin. Much to their astonishment, the townspeople saw some capital meadows springing up under their eyes, and thanks to the improvement in the pasturage, the yield of milk was very much larger.
His majesty, by accepting the gift of these six incomparable horses, would stimulate the pride of his own breeders, of Limousin, Perche, and Normandy, and this emulation would have been beneficial to all.
We will accompany them only to a little village in Limousin, lying between Tulle and Angouleme -- a little village called Roche-l'Abeille."
Why, mon petit, it was years ago in Limousin, and how can I bear in mind what was the cause of it?
Sale leader at PS5,600 was Balfour's second prize Limousin cross heifer from his 80-cow herd at Sebay View, Tankerness.
Limousin: PS1035 Midtown, PS980 High Auchneel, PS955 Clonrae, PS930 Drumcru, PS910 Netherhall, PS900 Upper Moor and High Auchneel.
Overall, steers averaged 195p/kg and PS760 per head, with highs of 234p/kg for a Limousin 290kg from G.
Older heifers peaked PS1190 for a smart red Limousin cross from Brian Charlton, East Newham who followed with another at PS1165.
Rams - PS111.00 J&C Griffiths, Boughrood Court CATTLE: Overall championship awarded to a superb red Limousin heifer from Messrs Price Bros, Tyleheulog.
The same bull had sired the Lyons' 2010 English Winter Fair supreme champion, the Limousin crossbred steer Meat Loaf, also bred by Ken Jones.