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adj. Offensive Slang
1. Effeminate.
2. Lacking strength; weak.

[From the stereotypical perception that a limp wrist indicates effeminacy or weakness.]

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ineffectual; effete
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adj. Slang.
1. Usually Disparaging and Offensive. (of a man or boy) exhibiting feminine characteristics; effeminate; homosexual.
2. soft; flabby; ineffectual.
usage: Definition 1 is usually used with disparaging intent and perceived as insulting.
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[ˈlɪmpˈrɪstɪd] ADJinútil (pej) (= gay) → de la acera de enfrente, sarasa
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adj (inf: = gay) → schwul (inf), → warm (inf)
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However, he writes, "we will not put Iran back in its box unless we accept that the Iranians are also highly skillful at exploiting the consequences of the policies of the West and its allies." As examples, he lists the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the 2003 US invasion that "virtually handed [Iraq] them on a plate," and the "West's limp-wristed and ultimately abortive attempts" at regime change in Syria.
Sure enough an Asian mother was savaged for beginning a sentence "I don't mean to be racist but ", while the parents of Rob, pictured above with partner Simon, were put on Twitter trial for suggesting he wasn't a "genuine gay" because he didn't do the limp-wristed walk etc.
Does he think gay men are too limp-wristed and poofy to be miners?
Carol Taylor The best part is outside of the reactionary nutters on the extreme end of the scale it's usually limp-wristed social media users who take offence to these things on behalf of Muslims, rather than Muslims themselves.
"You hit that bloke's Thermos flask!" After watching my rather limp-wristed action, he quipped: "Quite incredible really, you're devoid of both technique and power.
He became hugely popular with a unique style of limp-wristed, eyebrow-raising humour and his untimely death made headline news.
Many users don't realize that soft power is not to be confused with limp-wristed and unaccountable soft actions or soft policy that accomplish nothing except to make people feel good.
fo mwc Employing a marvellous mixed metaphor Mr Halfon, who has long suspected oil companies of conspiring to set pump prices, accused the OFT of carrying out a "limp-wristed lettuce leaf" of an inquiry.
If they have very different worldviews, and see us as limp-wristed, week-kneed embodiments of a decaying civilization, for example, why should we expect them to parley as we would?
But I guess the punters love naughty Dave's limp-wristed routine.
I won't condemn either player, because while the FAW have been staunchly opposed to Team GB, their direct message to the likes of Bale and Ramsey has been limp-wristed, along the lines of 'well, we'd rather you didn't.' Personally, I have no problem with the likes of Bale and Ramsey wanting to grab what is, after all, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.