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n.1.(Bot.) The Hawaiian name for seaweeds. Over sixty kinds are used as food, and have species names, as Limu Lipoa, Limu palawai, etc.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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There is no visible, tangible product, so we wanted to create a physical manifestation of the company with Doug and his emu partner, LiMu Emu," she said.
He further disclosed that the partnership will also seek to do a serial National Television project produced by LIMU to be shown on LNTV.Gibson also revealed that a committee will be set up to verify the type of films to be screened on LNTV, adding: "We will screen, censor and accept your movie before carrying it to LBS."
We never heard of making offerings, of leaving ho'okupu by those pure fresh water streams that tasted of gritty limu from rocks in the streams, specks of leaves borne downstream.
Right now we have a wonderful new certified organic coffee from Limu in Ethiopia.
Muss-Arnolt (1905: 485, 490) explains limu, limmu as: a) "period," "circuit"; b) "administrative year," "archontate"; limetu / limitu as: a) "enclosure," "circumference"; b) "surroundings," "district," "territory"; c) "period," "time."
Inner portion of the bubble wall is coated with glassy exotic material of limu o pele [49].
Xiang Wang, (1) Shunbo Li, (2) Limu Wang, (1) Xin Yi, (1) Yu Sanna Hui, (1) Jianhua Qin, (3) and Weijia Wen (1,2)
Among the ingredients Gregory has infused into the traditional French pastries are the Omani big sweet lemon, rosewater, luban - natural frankincense, camel milk, honey and limu - Omani dry black lemon.
Bai Brands presented its complete line of bai5 Antioxidant Infusions: Costa Rica Clementine, Brasilia Blueberry, Ipanema Pomegranate, Malawi Mango, Panama Peach, Congo Pear, Sumatra Dragonfruit and the newest bai5 flavor, Limu Lemonade.
It consists primarily of the species Arthrospira and Haematococcus which are used for aquaculture feed additives and human nutritional supplements; and limu ogo Gracilaria sp.
2) A: afradi miyan az tehran meqdari baraye kesvaraye orupayi Somebody come-3SG from Tehran some for countries European mesle alman faranse va engelis limu sirin mibaran alaraqme inke like German France and English lemon sweet take-3PL despite of