n.1.(Zool.) An esculent swallow.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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China can swiftly mobilize over 30 divisions (each with over 15,000 soldiers) to the LAC to outnumber Indian forces by at least 3:1, with at least five fully-operational airbases (Gongar, Pangta, Linchi, Hoping and Gar), an extensive rail network and over 58,000-km of roads in the Tibet Autonomous Region, as reported by TOI earlier.
airfields at Gonggar, Pangta, Linchi, Hoping and Gar
There are five functioning air bases in the Tibetan plateau at Gongar, Hoping, Pangta, Linchi and Gar Gunsa and a missile base in Qinghai with most North Indian cities within range. Linchi has been a Microsoft SQL Server MVP for a long time and has worked in two financial institutions in Manhattan since I've known him.
Chou Linchi, a prominent individual with special access to government officials, wrote a memorandum petitioning for the suppression of what can be translated as "tabloid news" reported by "minor-mongers who took the opportunity to spread sensational news misleading the public."
Linchi went on to say that, whenever "there is news in the air and the public is held in suspense," these reporters "would snatch the chance to write the news down on little scripts and circulate them abroad.
As Tao-ch'uan (1100-1170 and in the lineage of Linchi) commented: "Mold clay, carve wood, and paint some silk/ add blue and green and gild it all with gold/ but if you think the Buddha looks like this/ the Goddess of Compassion will die from laughter" (DS, 380).