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Noun1.Lincoln Memorial - memorial building in Washington containing a large marble statue of Abraham LincolnLincoln Memorial - memorial building in Washington containing a large marble statue of Abraham Lincoln
American capital, capital of the United States, Washington, Washington D.C. - the capital of the United States in the District of Columbia and a tourist mecca; George Washington commissioned Charles L'Enfant to lay out the city in 1791
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1963: Black civil rights leader Martin Luther King made his famous "I have a dream ..." speech to a rally of 200,000 people at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC.
Despite heavy rain, thousands crowded the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC for Trump's speech, billed as a "salute to America," which opposition lawmakers said would function as a lightly masked campaign rally.
Summary: Washington [USA], July 5 (ANI): US President Donald Trump marked Independence Day by speaking at his 'Salute to America' celebrations at the Lincoln Memorial on Thursday.
He's calling his event a "Salute to America," honoring the armed forces, and he'll speak at the Lincoln Memorial in front of a ticket-only, VIP crowd of Republican donors, administration and campaign officials, family members and those who flock to see him or protest what they see as a divisive intrusion on a traditionally unifying national holiday.
Two Bradley Fighting Vehicle's flank the stage being prepared in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, ahead of Fourth of July festivities.
President Donald Trump's "Salute to America" event on July 4th, which is expected to take place at the Lincoln Memorial, Variety's Brian Steinberg reports, noting that C-SPAN will also televise the event.
It will be called 'A Salute to America' and will be held at the Lincoln Memorial. Major fireworks display, entertainment and an address by your favourite president, me!" A US Park Police spokesman confirmed to the Washington Post this week that Trump indeed would speak at the Lincoln Memorial.
While Washington, DC has many worthwhile monuments and memorials, my personal favorite is the Lincoln Memorial, which honors Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States.
As the artist who created the statue for the Lincoln Memorial, John Harvard in Harvard Yard, and The Minute Man in Concord, Massachusetts, Daniel Chester French (1850-1931) is America's best-known sculptor of public monuments.
Holzer, a historian and author of books on Civil War-era art and history, offers a biography of American sculptor Daniel Chester French (1850-1931), who created the statute for the Lincoln Memorial and other public monuments.
Trump tweeted that he intends to host the event at the Lincoln Memorial. The announcement was made weeks after Trump mentioned the idea during a cabinet meeting.
Abraham Lincoln started his career championing slavery, then backed abolition, a small transition that is not noted on the Lincoln memorial in Washington DC Neil Smith

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