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(Placename) another name for Holy Island

Ho′ly Is′land

1. Also called Lindisfarne. an island off the E coast of Northumberland, England. 3 mi. (4.8 km) long.
2. Formerly, Hol′yhead Is′land. an island off the W coast of Anglesey, in NW Wales. 7 mi. (11 km) long.
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Andrew Craggs, senior reserve manager on Lindisfarne NNR, said today's wardens take inspiration from St Cuthbert.
Andrew Craggs, Lindisfarne NNR reserve manager, said: "It is a sign of just how widespread the big freeze has been that these geese are present at Lindisfarne in such large numbers.
Andrew Craggs, Natural England's Lindisfarne NNR reserve manager, said: "The arrival of the first geese at Lindisfarne is always a red-letter day.