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(ˈlɪnd li, ˈlɪn-)

John, 1799–1865, English botanist.
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And these audiences were of a very superior description, including a great many young ladies' boarding-schools, whose favour Mrs Jarley had been at great pains to conciliate, by altering the face and costume of Mr Grimaldi as clown to represent Mr Lindley Murray as he appeared when engaged in the composition of his English Grammar, and turning a murderess of great renown into Mrs Hannah More--both of which likenesses were admitted by Miss Monflathers, who was at the head of the head Boarding and Day Establishment in the town, and who condescended to take a Private View with eight chosen young ladies, to be quite startling from their extreme correctness.
1 English Grammar (1795), by Lindley Murray (1745-1826), the most authoritative American grammarian of his day.
Garth had been a teacher before her marriage; in which case an intimacy with Lindley Murray and Mangnall's Questions was something like a draper's discrimination of calico trademarks, or a courier's acquaintance with foreign countries: no woman who was better off needed that sort of thing.
I THINK it is safe to say David Brookes (You Say, Feedback, March 6) does not live in the Lindley Moor area of Lindley.
Eyeing the Spanish market for the expansion for the harbour and marina equipment activities, the Grupo Lindley business units have accomplished the signing of a three-year exclusive distribution agreement with Rolec Services covering every part of Spain.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 14, 2015-Latin American Soft Drink Firms Arca Continental, Corporacion Lindley to Integrate Operations
1) William Maximilian Lindley (1891-1972; Figure 1), or Max Lindley as he was usually known, became its fifth Director in 1939 and remained in office until 1958, making him the longest serving VSS Director to date.
Lindley to the role of managing director, Global Family & Private Investment Offices Group - EMEA and APAC.
Ian Lindley, 48, had tried to take his own life on a number of occasions following the death of his wife last January.
Al and Betty Lindley of Springfield celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Sept.
AJURY will today be sent out to decide if Michael Stevenson murdered pensioner Harry Lindley.
A FASCINATING insight into the Great War of 1914-18 has been sent to us by John Lindley, of Guisborough.