Line of beauty

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(Fine Arts) an abstract line supposed to be beautiful in itself and absolutely; - differently represented by different authors, often as a kind of elongated S (like the one drawn by Hogarth).

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Phoebus, who had seen nothing in the line of beauty, since he left the village maids of Queue-en-Brie, was intoxicated with Fleur-de-Lys, which imparted to our officer so eager and gallant an air, that his peace was immediately made.
NEW YORK -- International cosmetics brand IsaDora has launched its line of beauty products in the United States on Walgreens.
Nu Skin develops and distributes consumer products and offers a line of beauty and wellness solutions.
ARAB NEWS Kareena Kapoor DUBAI: Indian actress and leading fashion icon Kareena Kapoor will attend a leading regional beauty event in Dubai in May for the Middle East launch of a line of beauty products.
The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" actress is adding to her line of beauty products after her recently launched (http://ibtimes.
Qosmedix recently added the Magic Washcloth Makeup Remover (Part 96591) to its comprehensive line of beauty supplies.
Designed and developed by Junction Creative Solutions, the website highlights Tarek's Andre Jourdan line of beauty products, infused with high concentrations of botanical and natural ingredients, being shared beyond his Florida-based salon.
Coca-Cola and Sanofi-aventis have teamed up on a pilot project in Paris, France, to launch a line of beauty drinks branded Beautific Oenobiol.
The pop star will also launch a signature line of beauty products with the firm so that her fans can replicate her style.
f, line of beauty products, is relocating from a site in Paterson, N.
I wanted to create a line of beauty products that were both effective and affordable using the ingredients and knowledge passed down to me from my grandmother," Hayek says.
The Stranger's Child | ALAN HOLLINGHURST: This is Hollinghurst's first novel since winning the Man Booker Prize almost seven years ago for The Line of Beauty ([EXCELLENT] Jan/Feb 2005).