Line of dip

(Geol.) a line in the plane of a stratum, or part of a stratum, perpendicular to its intersection with a horizontal plane; the line of greatest inclination of a stratum to the horizon.

See also: Line

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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New Yorker Electronics is a franchise distributor of Excel Cell Electronic (ECE) and carries its full line of Dip and Micro Switches, Connectors, Terminal Blocks, Relays, Chip Inductors, Chip Beads and Resettable Fuses.
Bohning offers a complete line of dip tubes, cresting kits, paints, and other arrow making supplies.
The company is also pointing at the finger food craze with its line of Dip 'Um sauces.
The OverCoat line of dips eliminates the problems with conventional dips, including foaming, inconsistent coating, sludging, thickening, and dusting or flaking off of coated stock.
Also, Ventura's Dean's line of dips has augmented its standard portfolio with Buffalo Ranch, Sririacha and Bacon and Horseradish varieties.
Fast forward five years, and we're still the go-to for the pros and the DIYers, and we've still got hardlines stocked to the brim, but we also offer a full line of dips, housewares, Case knives, hunting guns, appliances and more.
LA TERRA FINA IS COMBINING FLAVOR with a better-for-you profile in its latest line of dips. Gluten-free and containing no nuts or trans fats, the refrigerated dips are available in six flavors: Kalamata Olive & Spinach, Yellow Pepper & Lentil, Carmelized Onion, Chunky Artichoke & Jalapeno, Spinach Artichoke & Parmesan and Spicy Fiesta.
And a line of dips and plantains he developed for sale in supermarkets a few years ago has never really taken off.
Later this year, Cedar's will begin importing a line of dips from Australia that combines cashews and parmesan cheese; these Simply Delish Chunky Dips won a SOFI Award at the recent Fancy Food Show, Frocione notes.
"Santa Barbara Bay wanted to create a line of dips, made with the freshest, all-natural ingredients for today's health-conscious consumer," says Emily Alfano, marketing manager.
Some of Berner Food and Beverage's new products include a complete line of dips, lattes, ethnic and coffee-based energy drinks, among others.