Line shaft

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(Mach.) a main shaft of considerable length, in a shop or factory, usually bearing a number of pulleys by which machines are driven, commonly by means of countershafts; - called also line, or main line.

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MAIN BUILDING, FIRST FLOOR: A 106-foot line shaft powered by a large electric motor runs machine shop equipment (lathes, milling machines, drills and shapers).
These are mechanically driven machines, typified by a central motor powering a line shaft, connecting to jack shafts synchronizing machine functions.
Wear components such as wear rings, throat bushings and line shaft bearings manufactured from Vespel(R) CR-6100 exhibit:
Three tenders for the repair & rehabilitation of (a) emergency/ standby Line Shaft brand pumps in Lower Egypt, (b) construction of Al Khudeirat irrigation pumping station, also (c) overhauling of 13 irrigation pumping stations in Wadi Al Naqra, in Upper Egypt.
* Flexographic presses: 7-inch to 32-inches: Line Shaft or Servo systems(S and SIL Series)
The plant, which has around 400 staff, has also made the Michell line shaft bearings, which support the weight of the propellers and rotating shafts along the hull of the ship.
National produces vertical turbine line shaft and submersible pumps plus centrifugal pumps, high pressure booster pumps and packaged pump station systems.
An existing line shaft roller conveyor brings cases from the production line to the palletizer infeed.
The system is applied with the supplier's PolyVee rollers, making it ideal for incline, straight and spiral conveyors, and for replacing line shaft solutions in long conveying applications.
This latest development affords the user many benefits including quieter operation than conventional line shaft conveyors and lower power consumption and extended longevity since the motorised rollers only run when required.
The company also offers an electronic line shaft, using Allen-Bradley's PowerFlex 700S AC, to reduce downtime and maximize automation investments by replacing mechanical line shafts and gear boxes and leveraging precise positioning capabilities.
This one-piece rigid coupling is ideally suited for use in line shaft applications and for instruments requiring highly precise shaft alignment.