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vec′tor graph′ics

a method of electronically coding graphic images so that they are represented in lines rather than fixed bit maps, allowing an image, as on a computer display screen, to be rotated or proportionally scaled.
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RAWALPINDI -- Sewage pipe line work initiated has become a nuisance for the resident of Tanch Bhatna area.
Later they visited Chansar Goth to inspect the ongoing installation of Sewerage line work.
John Chalmers and Sandra Marrs, the creative duo known as Metaphrog, adapt a pair of Hans Christian Andersen tales that are probably one shade too macabre for kid's lit but will impress adult readers with the gorgeous line work, muted color palette, and meticulous staging.This beautifully designed volume includes an original story that blends well in tone with the Andersen classics.
The service will be suspended between Heworth and Sunderland/South Hylton until around 12.15pm due to overhead line work.
Plane captain AT3 Brian Olson explained, "Everyone helps by chipping in and doing other jobs they're not normally trained for, whether it's ordnance, gear, or line work."
Beset by delays and spiralling costs, the West Coast Main Line work involves an upgrade of track and signalling on a line which was starved for cash for many years.
The wide exposure latitude allows for combination of process screens, solids and line work on the same plate without masking.
Front Line work is especially sensitive to changes in internal and external organizational environments.
His is not art work; what he does is manufacturing or assembly line work. I doubt very much that his intent is to send a Christian message; his intent is to make moolah, and lots of it.
But many other jobs, including those as varied as assembly line work and poultry processing all carry some risk.
The estimator differentiates between 100 percent solid coverage, 75 percent line work or 50 percent screen/fine graphics, and enables printers to figure the pounds of ink required via four simple steps once they have measured the printed image of their job in square inches.