flash memory

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flash memory

A form of nonvolatile RAM that is typically smaller, lighter, and more energy efficient than a hard drive, used especially in handheld and portable devices.

flash′ mem′ory

Computers. a type of reprogrammable memory that retains information even with the power turned off.
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Noun1.flash memory - nonvolatile storage that can be electrically erased and programmed anew
nonvolatile storage, non-volatile storage - computer storage that is not lost when the power is turned off
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Tenders are invited for Linear Flash Memory Card Fl16m-20-11736-J5 Rohs:-Sg9fa163p3205 16Mb.
Included are storage products ranging from industrial and commercial Compact Flash to Secure Digital, ATA, SRAM, Linear Flash, and Solid State Drives.
Una tarjeta de memoria Linear Flash pequena, de bajo costo, disenada para aumentar la memoria, almacenar dato de voz/imagen, almacenar, recuperar voz/email.
Product offerings include digital still cameras, PC cameras, video cameras, memory/ solid-state disk, linear flash cards and flash drives/modules, communication, networking, and multimedia mobile peripherals.
Microsoft Corp agreed to include the company's DiskOnChip and linear flash card drivers within Windows CE operating system earlier this year (CI No 3,379) which will enable the chip to be used as a plug and play devices across multiple devices running CE.
To provide users in suitable storage device, AboMem's developed products include Linear Flash Card, SRAM Card, IDE Card, Multi Media Card, SD and MoBe USB Drive.
0, a productivity utility for the IT professional's toolkit and FlashManager(TM), a software utility to manage linear Flash cards in the Windows 2000 environment.
Most of those products are architecturally different from TriFlash, are based on linear flash and are designed for "read often, write seldom" usage.

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