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1. An increase in speed; acceleration.
2. A required acceleration of work or production without an increase in pay.
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Noun1.speedup - the act of acceleratingspeedup - the act of accelerating; increasing the speed
hurrying, speeding, speed - changing location rapidly
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In conclusion, the efficiency decreases with the increase of the number of cores since the actual speedup does not increase at the same rate as the linear speedup.
We will show that the best of these algorithms provides close to linear speedup (up to a maximum number of processors), and that features of the problem domain have an impact on the achieved speedup.
It removes management overhead from the cores, eliminates the need for an operating system, enables nearly- perfect dynamic load balancing among the cores, and facilitates task switching at very high rates, thus delivering almost linear speedup.
The generic barriers to linear speedup and linear scaleup are the triple threats of:
On the other hand, the efficiency decreases with the increase of number of threads due to that the actual speedup does not grow at the same rate as the linear speedup.
They show almost linear speedup for 4 processors, and a speedup of 11 for 16 processors for compilation of the entire operating system.
For fluid dynamics simulations, nearly ideal linear speedup has been demonstrated out to 1,024 cores, roughly doubling the core count for ideal scaling compared to previous releases.
The function and its steep curve give the impression that developing massively parallel systems may not be a feasible choice because a linear speedup in terms of number of processors is virtually impossible.