a.1.Of a linear shape.
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In serum samples from 50 patients with plaque disease and age-matched normal people, researchers found a higher level of linear-shaped cholesterol particles in the patients with unhealthy cholesterol levels (a mean of 18.
These are, Therefore, Both plane and linear-shaped flights.
But in addition to those and linear-shaped dunes, there are other types, including star-shaped dunes.
2d) and finally results in a linear-shaped tetrad of megaspores that the chalazal megaspore is functional one.
Scotts Valley Polygonum (Polygonum hickmanii) The Scotts Valley polygonum, a small annual in the buckwheat family (Polygonaceae), has linear-shaped leaves and produces white flowers.
Helicopter systems are ideal for the efficient collection of imagery of linear-shaped, man-made objects, such as roads, bridges, power cables and pipelines because of the craft's ability to perform low-altitude and low-speed flights.