Line shaft

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(Mach.) a main shaft of considerable length, in a shop or factory, usually bearing a number of pulleys by which machines are driven, commonly by means of countershafts; - called also line, or main line.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Dan added a lean-to and a lineshaft (powered by a 10hp McCormick-Deering engine).
CSL will display details of a comprehensive range of heavy to light duty powered roller conveyors in mild and stainless steel along with a compact, high speed pneumatically operated lineshaft driven switch sorter that can add a new dimension to integrated system design.
Constructed of precision-fit parts, the spools have no bumps or gaps, preventing lineshaft belt abrasion.
A four-high believed to be still operating in China is a lineshaft press without modern automation.
Compared to lineshaft or belt-driven live roller conveyors, 24V BLDC MDR conveyor is simpler to design, easier to integrate and more economical to operate.
Other deep-well pumps are driven from the surface by a lineshaft, a long rod that transmits torque from the drive unit to the pump impellers.
The system incorporates chain driven, lineshaft and gravity roller conveyors with triple strand chain transfers being employed at the deburring stations.
The drive for this unit is taken from the existing lineshaft and thereby contributes to ensuring that the unit is cost effective.
Powered lineshaft systems, 450 mm wide, provide buffer accumulation of containers at each process stage, ensuring continuous supply of products to the operators.
"It slides the belt from the lineshaft from the idler pulley to the drive pulley of the cream separator, and then reverse shuts it down," their note says.
In addition, the group offers a series of safety labels and placement guidelines for their judicious use with a variety of conveyor styles, including lineshaft, slat, screw, drag, chain-driven live roller, belt-driven live roller, belt, roller and wheel conveyors.