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Noun1.Ling-pao - a member of the Taoist Trinity
Taoist Trinity - the three pure ones; the three chief gods of Taoism
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(1) Since Ch'eng's surviving works include commentaries to the Ling-pao scripture, Tu-jen citing (Scripture for Human Salvation), as well as to Lao-tzu and Chuang-tzu, some have called him "a representative of the unity of the two aspects of Taoism, the so-called philosophical and religious ones." (2) But since Ch'eng also utilized Mahayana Buddhist ideas, he really belonged to an old intellectual tradition--reading Taoism in terms of Buddhism, and vice versa.
What differentiates him as a Taoist master from (Lu) as a layman is his work on two important medieval Taoist scriptures--the Lao-tzu Tao te ching hsu hsueh and the Ling-pao tu-jen ching.
The problem with such a position (which follows Robinet's assessment), is the fact that in early T'ang times the Ling-pao tu-jen ching was actually something that "laymen" at the T'ang court knew, understood, and valued, as Barrett has demonstrated: