Lingot, Linget

 a small mass of metal—Johnson, 1755.
Examples: lingots of ripe Indian corn, 1856; of gold, 1488; of silver, 1653.
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Al igual que Pons Varolii, la pregunta es mucho mas interesante, porque este es el sitio donde se lleva a cabo la decusacion de fibras motoras, de acuerdo con Foville, Valentin y Linget, mas particularmente tiene lugar.
Regarding biotechnological approaches, it is not only used to produce virus free and disease free plants via in vitro cultures but it isused as a model for genetic transformation (Linget al., 1998; Moghalebet al., 1999; Namitha and Negi, 2013; Paduchuri et al., 2010).
While the association with bad collegiate behavior still lingets on some level, tequila's reputation as a quality spirit now is well established for the most part.