n.1.The quality of being lingual.
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Baraheni's book, the Crowned Cannibal, was published in the United States, yet his theories on Language writing and Linguality have hardly been noticed by the researchers of the field.
The term was coined by Baraheni primarily in his book Addressing Butterflies and signifies any poetry that foregrounds not only language but also the Linguality of language.
Linguality is "determination of the hermeneutic object" and of hermeneutic conducting (Gadamer 2004: 391).
There is a crucial linkage between understanding and linguality.
Linguality of understanding is the materialization of historical effectiveness consciousness.
The impact of Linguality on on Cognitive and Metacognitive Reading Strategies Awareness.
Summari- Scaleability, cross- Increasing speed of re- zation linguality, multimedia viewing materials.
Linguality, an American publisher of special annotated editions of bestselling European fiction and nonfiction, places the original foreign-language text on every right-hand page, and an extensive glossary on the opposite page.
Linguality licenses recent French and Italian fiction and nonfiction titles from leading European publishing houses and republishes them in the original language with an extensive English lexicon on each facing page.