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203-17) discusses the head directionality parameter of linguistic typology.
2004) "The many ways to search for a frog: linguistic typology and the expression of motion events".
The study would be best appreciated by specialists in Oceanic and Austronesian languages, but perhaps also by some general linguists interested in linguistic typology.
The dialogue that is proposed here is enhanced by the incorporation of linguistic typology, discourse, corpus-based and contrastive approaches of various kinds, but it is nevertheless the impact of Adele Goldberg's Constructions (1996, 2005) on the linguistics scene that shapes the contributions included.
Kemmerer, David, and Alyson Eggleston (2010), "Nouns and Verbs in the Brain: Implications of Linguistic Typology for Cognitive Neuroscience," Lingua 120(12): 2686-2690.
This book introduces the term "linguistic supertypes," and the reader would like very much to see a careful discussion of this new concept from linguistic typology inside "a cognitive-semiotic theory of human communication.
The other five language families consist of tongues that gain phonemes with increasing distance from West Africa or show no geographic patterns in phoneme numbers, Jaeger's team reports in an upcoming Linguistic Typology.
The article deals with the semantics of the Veps indefinite pronouns or pro-forms in the spirit of linguistic typology.
Language Universals and Linguistic Typology (2ndedition 1989).
Sentential word order (WO) is one of the most studied topics in linguistic typology and generally in syntax.
Bickel, Balthasar (2011): "Statistical Modeling of Language Universals", Linguistic Typology, vol 15(2), pp 401-413.
Part 3 focuses on tense and aspect, and includes a paper addressing the relationship between linguistic typology and language description via a cross-language study of expressions of desire.