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Noun1.linguistic universal - (linguistics) a grammatical rule (or other linguistic feature) that is found in all languages
linguistics - the scientific study of language
linguistic rule, rule - (linguistics) a rule describing (or prescribing) a linguistic practice
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Greenberg's pioneering work on linguistic universals is obvious and acknowledged; (9) at the same time, one of the great virtues of Chrisomalis's study is the author's insistence on the importance of examining numerical notation in its own right, rather than as an adjunct to writing systems, and of separating numerical notation (e.
In the roundtable paper on linguistic universals, the familiar observation that heads are either to the right or the left of their complement (the distinction between head-first and head-last languages) receives attention.
Nonetheless, the same verbal sign contains also the substantial form of language (forma substantiales locutionis) which corresponds to those innate linguistic universals that function as the formal principles of language itself.
First some competing theories on the origin of linguistic universals are examined.
The relentless pace with which people tweak their native tongues renders hopeless the search for linguistic universals, according to this view (SN:6/9/90, p.
Like our post-structuralists, they were nominalists who believed that "there is no language in itself, nor are there any linguistic universals, only a throng of dialects, patois, slangs, and specialized langages" (Deleuze and Guattari).
phonological, syntactic) constitute evidence for cognitive universals, rather than linguistic universals.
To brand a product for the international market consideration of the linguistic universals, i.