linkage map

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link′age map`

a genetic map that depicts linkage groups.
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It is known that null allele is a potential drawback in genetic analyses, which can lead to negative effects on linkage map construction (Zhan et al.
The Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center under Academia Sinica released a statement on Thursday, saying that the genetic linkage map has been figured out by the team, and that will allow researchers and growers in the future to design new breeds at the desired colors, shapes, and other features demanded by buyers.
Here, we identify the new stripe rust resistance gene and construct a comparative genomic linkage map using SSR markers and ESTSSR markers in the wheat line.
SNP identification in the catfish genome was performed within five strains by resequence, and 237,655 significant SNPs were detected and assigned to 29 tentative chromosomes based on the catfish linkage map [40].
AFLP markers of the three types were used to construct the genetic linkage map for Phalaenopsis, and types 1, 3 for Phalaenopsis '462', types 2 and 3 for Phalaenopsis '20', following the methods of Grattapaglia and Sederoff (1994).
This genetic linkage map showed similar genetic distances and same genetic marker orders compared with the chicken consensus linkage map (Groenen et al., 2000).
Construction of chickpea linkage map and its comparison with maps ofpea and lentil.
Warnke, who is in the Arboretum's Floral and Nursery Plants Research Unit in Beltsville, Maryland, and his collaborators at Rutgers University and the University of Massachusetts completed the first linkage map for creeping bentgrass.
Moreover, a genetic linkage map of the common carp (Cyprinus carpio L.) was constructed using 307 markers covering 51 linkage groups with a marker interval of 11 cM in the consensus map (Zhang et al., 2013).