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Noun1.Linnaea - one species: twinflowerLinnaea - one species: twinflower    
asterid dicot genus - genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
Caprifoliaceae, family Caprifoliaceae, honeysuckle family - shrubs and small trees and woody vines
Linnaea borealis, twinflower - creeping evergreen subshrub of the northern parts of Europe and Asia with delicate fragrant tubular bell-shaped usually pink flowers borne in pairs
American twinflower, Linnaea borealis americana - similar to the twinflower of northern Europe and Asia
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Chavez finished in 19:30 to lead the chase pack behind winner Solace Bergeron of Tillamook, who crossed in 18:44, and runner-up Linnaea Kavulich of Scappoose, who finished in 19:04.
Emelyna Aurich, CAM One Light Matthew Besore, CAM Roscoe Properties Jenny Bischof, CAM Linnaea Bongiorni, CAM Lincoln Eastern Mgmt.
Designers: Linnaea Tillett, Kate Gardner, Charlie Brokate
A similar kind of asymmetry is also present in Viburnum (Adoxaceae), and Abelia and Linnaea (Linnaeaceae) (Eichler, 1875).
Amy Falder, Principal (New York Green Roofs LLC); Linnaea Tillett, Principal (Tillett Lighting Design Inc.
Functional groups of plants included forbs, grasses, sedges, mat-forming shrubs, such as twinflower Linnaea borealis, and upright shrubs, such as serviceberry Amelanchier alnifolia.
When 11-year-old Linnaea Elzinga was 7 years old, she gave up some of her very favorite foods: pizza, pancakes, and even birthday cake.
Indigofera ornithopodioides Schlechtendal & Chamisso, Linnaea 5: 577.
The description of this species by de Vriese was published in 1853 in the German journal Linnaea.
In many portraits of Linnaeus he can be seen holding Linnaea borealis L.