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Noun1.Linotype machine - a typesetting machine operated from a keyboard that casts an entire line as a single slug of metalLinotype machine - a typesetting machine operated from a keyboard that casts an entire line as a single slug of metal
typesetting machine - a printer that sets textual material in type
trademark - a formally registered symbol identifying the manufacturer or distributor of a product
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Siraj Wahab Abdul Jabbar Hussain Dawood, left, and his former colleagues, Abdul Mateen Munshi, center, and Syed Ather Ali, with a Linotype machine.
In the nineteenth century, the Linotype machine replaced hand-set type in newspaper composing rooms, enabling publishers to print more pages at lower labor costs.
Before the linotype machine was invented in the late 19th century, printers laboriously grabbed one letter at a time, lining the type up backwards and upside down.
Crescent editor and publisher is the sole employee of the four-page weekly newspaper, and every week he puts out the paper using the same Linotype machine his grandparents used when they ran the publication.
As neurologist Robert Burton said in a recent interview in Salon, we have become so enamored of the data delivered by our increasingly sophisticated machines that we think we are making great leaps in understanding the brain, but "[i]mproving our technologies without an accompanying breakthrough in thinking about the brain-mind connection is equivalent to upgrading a linotype machine to the world's greatest printer without having something to say.
He added: "It was not unusual for him to attend a council meeting late on Thursday night, go straight to the printing works, write his report directly on a linotype machine, print the paper and deliver it to the newsagents himself the next morning.
He joined the newspaper in the early 1940s and originally worked on a Linotype machine.
Publishing took a giant leap forward in the 15th century when Gutenberg invented moveable type and produced his Bible, and from then until Ottmar Mergenthaler invented a linotype machine in 1886 much was unchanged.
This is a family-owned business, like many others in NEPA, and we grew up stuffing envelopes, folding letters, and even running a linotype machine.
I strolled around admiring the antique presses, then stopped in front of a Linotype machine.
It needed something classic like a linotype machine, the women thought.
The introduction of the high-speed rotary press, the Linotype machine and the telegraph expanded the English vocabulary even further.