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(Textiles) a thick, linen cloth


A coarse fabric made of mixed wool and linen.
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Sister Linsey Whelan, aged 35, said: "His little girl thought daddy would be back on Christmas Day.
THE Linsey Bowl final, the knockout tournament of the Teesside Friendly League, took place at North Ormesby Institute.
THIS refreshingly bright, inventive and often hilarious comedy series comes to a close, as the day of Linsey and Duncan's wedding dawns.
The competition was organised by PCSOs Linsey Phillips and Jemma Yale, who had noticed there was an increasing litter issue surrounding schools.
Passenger Linsey Lewis, 18, from whom Galloway was "inseparable", died instantly from a broken spine.
After the performance friends Emma Burns, 20, Linsey (ok) Jordan, 29, Sarah Dixon (ok), 21, and Vikki (ok)Hardy, 24, were on cloud nine.
Danielle, 25, who plays hard-as-nails prisoner Natalie in the jail drama, got into a row with busty glamour model Linsey Dawn McKenzie and a pal in the toilet.