linzer torte

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lin·zer torte

 (lĭnt′sər, lĭn′zər)
A jam-filled torte having a lattice crust made of ground almonds, sugar, butter, eggs, flour, and spices.

[German Linzer Torte : probably Linzer, from Linz + Torte, torte; see torte.]
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We arrived in Linz at 4pm - just in time for us to find the home of the famous Linzertorte at Cafe Traxlmayr, after a whizz around the town centre, taking in Mariendom's beautiful stained-glass windows.
Cooking up food for the big day, they are full of "Phwoars" and "Mmms" as they taste the results, whether it's an Austrian Linzertorte, a hazelnut chocolate brownie or clementine sorbet.
These are based on Linzertorte, an Austrian jam tart made with a toasted hazelnut pastry, and filled with a jam made from karaka berries - a new strain of blackberry developed in New Zealand and now grown here.
The eighty-two recipes include goose breast, chicken galantine, chocolate torte, plum dumplings, gulyasleves (goulash soup), doboschtorte, linzertorte, mazelokich (layered matzoh and fruit dessert typically served by Czech Jews during Passover), and Gesundheitskuchen (good health cake) brought to mothers of newborns.
If Pot Roast or Swiss Cheese and Onion Pie topped off with Linzertorte or Apple Strudel catches your fancy, this is the place.
From a traditional Apple Pandowdy to Cranberry Linzertorte and Drunken Chocolate Cake, these are favorites packed with flavor and innovation, with a peppering of color photos throughout adding interest.
She'd smush polar opposites together and invent something wonderful and new like a raspberry linzertorte with sweet-and-sour hoisin frosting.
Each family has its own favourite cake or Torte, whether it is a Sachertorte or Linzertorte or a home-made chocolate cake.