Lion of St. Mark

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a winged lion, the emblem of the evangelist Mark, especially that of bronze surmounting a granite column in the Piazzetta at Venice, and holding in its fore paws an open book representing St. Mark's Gospel.

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Mark, the Bronze Horses, and the famous Lion of St. Mark.
And so the Winged Lion of St. Mark, with the open Bible under his paw, is a favorite emblem in the grand old city.
Reportedly, the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has announced that brothers Piyush (left) and Prasoon Pandey (right) will be honoured with the Lion of St. Mark award at the 2018 Festival.
During the ceremony, Marcello Serpa was honoured as this year's Lion of St. Mark in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the industry.
It was remodelled and expanded in the 15th century by the Venetians, whose winged Lion of St. Mark emblem is still clearly visible, carved over its portal.
During the meeting, Pope Theodore II decorated President Marzouki with the Golden Lion of St. Mark, according to a press release of the Presidency of the Republic.
Churches and public buildings in the Venetian style still stand, and one can see the Lion of St. Mark on fortifications and city gates.
All along the coast, visitors encounter visual reminders that Venice once ruled here--in the Venetian-style buildings and the ubiquitous winged Lion of St. Mark, symbol of Venice.
Although the portrait of Barbarigo was removed during Napoleon's iconoclasm, it is curious that Goy does not explore the visual links that would have been forged between Barbarigo and Foscari, both shown kneeling in reverence with the Lion of St. Mark. The pair would have established a visual and historic unity between the perpendicular facades of the clock tower and the Porta della Carta that was probably more than coincidental.
Charlie plays a role in the amazing appearance of the fabled Lion of St. Mark and in overthrowing the doge, and escapes again with the lions, this time by boat.
First come the small reproductions of such Renaissance paintings as Botticelli's Spring, Carpaccio's Lion of St. Mark, and of course The Mona Lisa.
The device of Venice is the winged Lion of St. Mark. St.