n.1.A very brave person.
References in classic literature ?
There was nothing for me but to go home to my old lion-heart and tell my humiliating story.
Ospreys assistant coach Gruff Rees revealed lion-heart Alun Wyn has been heavily involved behind the scenes.
The 540 guests also helped raise almost pounds 1,400 for Lion-Heart, the RICS benevolent fund, and enjoyed an after-dinner speech from former Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone.
Their liege lord, Richard the Lion-Heart, initially favored Constantin.
Regarding Davies' lion-heart claim, Laursen said: "I don't have any fear.
ON the pitch, England and Chelsea captain John Terry is a brave lion-heart of a man.
By broadcasting further afield, Lion-heart hopes to increase its advertising revenue.
Leicester lion-heart Steve Walsh was heading for the knackers yard.