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(Placename) Gulf of Lions a wide bay of the Mediterranean off the S coast of France, between the Spanish border and Toulon. French name: Golfe du Lion


(ˈlaɪ ənz)

Gulf of, a wide bay of the Mediterranean off the coast of S France. French, Golfe du Lion.
References in classic literature ?
He wasn't there, but directly in front of me was King Wallace, in tights, waiting for his turn to go on with his cage of performing lions.
So he sent messages to the other animals, like the lions and the leopards and the antelopes, to come and help with the nursing.
Tarzan and Numa heard her coming, for she voiced a plaintive and questioning whine as the baffling mixture of odors aroused her curiosity and her fears, for lions, however terrible they may appear, are often timid animals and Sabor, being of the gentler sex, was, naturally, habitually inquisitive as well.
To this the carter replied, "The cart is mine; what is in it is a pair of wild caged lions, which the governor of Oran is sending to court as a present to his Majesty; and the flags are our lord the King's, to show that what is here is his property.
He had done the thing before upon more than one occasion, just as in the past he had charged lions himself; but tonight he was far from famished and in the hind quarter he had carried off with him was more raw flesh than he could eat; yet it was with no equanimity that he looked down upon Numa rending the flesh of Tarzan's kill.
Nor did he need the evidence of his eyes to tell him whether there were two lions or four up wind,--a hundred yards away or half a mile.
He's the kind that ain't afraid of lions," Collins concurred.
Just as he spoke there came from the forest a terrible roar, and the next moment a great Lion bounded into the road.
Three metamorphoses of the spirit do I designate to you: how the spirit becometh a camel, the camel a lion, and the lion at last a child.
As he was wandering about there he came upon a Lion lying down moaning and groaning.
The king, however, had a lion which was a wondrous animal, for he knew all concealed and secret things.
He pondered the strange sleep adventures of his first dreams, and he smiled at the painful outcome of his last practical joke upon the tribe, when, dressed in the hide of Numa, the lion, he had come roaring upon them, only to be leaped upon and almost killed by the great bulls whom he had taught how to defend themselves from an attack of their ancient enemy.