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 (lĭp′shĭts), Jacques 1891-1973.
Russian-born French sculptor who was associated with the cubists. His works include The Rape of Europa (1941) and The Prayer (1943).
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(Biography) Jacques (ʒɑːk). 1891–1973, US sculptor, born in Lithuania: he pioneered cubist sculpture
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(ˈlɪp ʃɪts)

Jacques, 1891–1973, U.S. sculptor, born in Lithuania.
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Noun1.Lipchitz - United States sculptor (born in Lithuania) who pioneered cubist sculpture (1891-1973)
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"For the first time ever in Abu Dhabi, residents and visitors will be able to see works by Picasso, Chagall, Modigliani, Delaunay, Lipchitz and other masters in a show encompassing the key movements of 20th century Modern art.
However, Farsi felt like his beloved city deserved much more and so began to cast his net wider and succeeded in attracting renowned international artists such as Henry Moore, Victor Vasarely, Alexander Calder, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Joan MirE, Cesar Baldaccini, Sylvestre Monnier, Jean Arp and Jacques Lipchitz, among many others.
Lipchitz. Lipchitz tried the case with his Saul, Ewing, Arnstein & Lehr colleague Jeffrey S.
The sculptor Jacques Lipchitz described the pre-Raphaelite beauty as "a strange girl, slender, with a long oval face which seemed almost white rather than flesh color." They had run out of coal for the stove and winter air streamed through the decrepit white-washed windows.
19, 1978 -- AP/Michel Lipchitz Barricades were set around cities and people armed themselves with Molotov cocktails; on the day that became known as "Black Friday", the government claimed there were 168 casualties, while demonstration organizers claimed there were 2,000 to 3,000 casualties.
However, in the controller design, we need to know the exact value of the Lipchitz constant.
For the first-order [PD.sup.[alpha]]-type iterative learning control rue ([I.sub.1]) is applied to system (15), if the system matrices B, C, the order a and the Lipchitz constant [L.sub.0] together with learning gains [mathematical expression not reproducible] satisfy the following condition:
The case concerned a dispute over ownership of a bronze sculpture, The Cry, by the Russian-born cubist sculptor, Jacques Lipchitz. Lipchitz's wife, Yulia, inherited the work after he died.
Lipchitz, Section 301 of Labor Management Act Preempts State Discrimination Claims Requiring Interpretation of Corresponding Agreements--Fant v.
It is a denial of death.' Thus said the French sculptor Jacques Lipchitz.
Among the rustic local furniture, for instance, is Jacques Lipchitz's sculpture table with its revolving top.