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also Lip·pi·zan  (lĭp′ĭt-sän′, -ə-zən) or Lip·iz·zan·er or Lip·pi·zan·er (lĭp′ĭt-sä′nər, -ə-zä′nər)
Any of a breed of sturdy, compact horses developed from Spanish, Italian, Danish, and Arab stock that are born black or dark brown and gradually turn white by the time they are five to ten years old.

[German Lippizaner, after Lippiza, town near Trieste where the breed was developed.]
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Noun1.Lipizzan - a compact and sturdy saddle horse that is bred and trained in ViennaLipizzan - a compact and sturdy saddle horse that is bred and trained in Vienna; smart and docile and excellent for dressage; "a Lippizan is black or brown when born but turns white by the time it is five years old"
mount, riding horse, saddle horse - a lightweight horse kept for riding only
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You learn movements that turn you from a cart horse into a Lipizzaner horse. I'm literally trotting around the studio - I keep saying you need me on a rope going around.
WLT: In your most recent book, Diet, bovendier, forthcoming in English in July as Brother Mendel's Perfect Horse, how did you decide to tell the story of twentieth-century tragedies through the story of the Lipizzaner horse?
In 1933 he published another popular children's book, Florian: Das Pferd des Kaisers (Florian, the Emperor's Stallion), the tale of a proud Lipizzaner horse who is reduced to pulling a cab after World War I.
Admire the elegance and grace of the Lipizzaner horses from the world famous Spanish Riding School.
Enter a cavalcade of strange and bewildering creatures: three crafty hedgehogs, three condescending Lipizzaner horses and an unhinged goat called Lupe.
In fact, while walking around the palace I looked into a courtyard to find half a dozen white Lipizzaner horses staring back at me from their stables.
Explore the magnificent Hofburg and Schonbrunn Habsburg palaces or admire the astounding skills of the Lipizzaner horses at the renowned Spanish Riding School.
And to celebrate, the school will head to the UK in November 2016 for six spectacular shows, featuring the precision movement of the famous white Lipizzaner horses.
Army's mission to save the famous Lipizzaner horses. The American Center in Prague hosted an exhibition of previously unseen photographs of American soldiers liberating the small Czech town of Cimelice.
Histological and physical assessment of poor hoof horn quality in Lipizzaner horses and a therapeutic trial with biotin and a placebo.