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 (lĭp′mən), Fritz Albert 1899-1986.
German-born American biochemist. He shared a 1953 Nobel Prize for his work on the structure and function of coenzyme A.


(ˈlɪp mən)

Fritz Albert, 1899–1986, U.S. biochemist, born in Germany: Nobel prize 1953.
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Noun1.Lipmann - United States biochemist (born in Germany) noted for his studies of metabolic processes (1899-1986)
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A las siete de la manana Frau Lipmann me aviso que Benjamin me llamaba.
I would like to thank Omri Marian, Sam Brunson, David Elkins, Erin Scharff, the Tax Policy Colloquium participants at Pepperdine Law School, Scott Ardley, David Kamin, Ray Beeman, Molly Mercer, Francine Lipmann, Alice Abreu, and Deb Pogson for comments on earlier drafts.
The family of 20th-century, Polish-born, American rabbinic scholar Jacob Agus maintains documents tracing its lineage back to Yom Tov Lipmann Heller, the 16th-century commentator on the Mishnah; Meir Katzenellenbogen, the 15th-century "Maharam of Padua"; and the 11th-century commentator Rashi.
His father, Zikmund Lipmann Haas (1871-1944), a businessman, and his mother Olga, nee Epstein (1874-1933), a daughter of a Russian official of a steam boat company in Odessa, married at the Brno synagogue on 27 March 1898.
Plaut picked up the project after Stern and Lipmann had been stopped in their tracks by the censorship authorities who feared that their questionnaires might encourage soldiers to vent negative sentiments.
In a working paper, researchers from Leibniz Institute for Age Research-Fritz Lipmann Institute (FLI), Jena/Germany, University of Glasgow, UK, and Buck Institute for Research on Aging, USA, summarize and contrast international research results on the various cell-intrinsic mechanisms that lead to a clonal dominance of mutant stem and progenitor cells in aging tissues.
Contract award: leibniz institute for age research, fritz lipmann institute e.
Typically, this field of research studies the discrepancies between the physicist's theoretical knowledge and the layman's intuitive knowledge of the everyday physical world (Clement, 1982; Lipmann & Bogen, 1923; McCloskey, 1983; Nersessian & Resnick, 1989; Renn, Damerow, & McLaughlin, 2003; Shanon, 1976; Sherin, 2006; Smith & Casati, 1994; Taber, 2004).
In this study, based on the theory of cognitive demands theory of Lipmann, Physical needs, psychological needs, social needs, academic needs of students are considered.
On the other hand, Lipmann (2009) argues that services for older homeless adults must focus on the 'elderly' rather than 'homeless' aspect of the population, thus changing the focus from sheltering to long-term care.
Innovative inhibitors of notch trafficking and signaling for the treatment of cancer (Leibniz Institute for Age Research - Fritz Lipmann Institute)
Moshe Isserles, along with Jewish luminaries such as Isserles, Yoel Sirkes, and Yom Tov Lipmann Heller.