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 (lĭp′ĭt-sän′, -ə-zən) or Lip·pi·zan·er (lĭp′ĭt-sä′nər, -ə-zä′nər)
Variants of Lipizzan.
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Noun1.Lippizan - a compact and sturdy saddle horse that is bred and trained in ViennaLippizan - a compact and sturdy saddle horse that is bred and trained in Vienna; smart and docile and excellent for dressage; "a Lippizan is black or brown when born but turns white by the time it is five years old"
mount, riding horse, saddle horse - a lightweight horse kept for riding only
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But there was more than that to Emma, whose DNA revealed that she is a quarter horse, Lippizan and Hanoverian cross.
The cloned horse is named Marc, a Lippizan stallion.
Knotts' efforts to find a horse that had the same qualities as her prized Lippizan stallion, Marc, (Pluto III Marcella) brought her to Dr.
Oldenburg Registry, North America 517 DeKalb Ave Sycamore, IL 60178 International Trotting and Pacing Association 575 Broadway Hanover, PA 17331-2007 Lippizan Association of North America PO Box 1133 Anderson, IN 46015-1133 Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association PO Box 1027 Ava, MO 65608-1027 Morab Horse Association & Registry, Inc.
Our daughter has a Lippizan mare due to foal in the spring, and she also owns a Lippizan colt and a pony.