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(ˈlɪp skəm)

William Nunn, Jr., born 1919, U.S. chemist: Nobel prize 1976.
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Noun1.Lipscomb - United States chemist noted for his theories of molecular structure (born in 1919)
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Lipscomb refinanced a substantial portion of variable rate bank debt with series 2016A fixed rate bonds, and extended the maturity of the refunded debt by 10 years to 2046.
The resolution to keep the pool open came from County Board Chairman Theo Lipscomb, who contendedthe proposed closing amounted to nothing more than an attempt by Abele to exact vengeance on the county board because of its decision last year to reject Abele's proposal to double the county's wheel tax.
Last week, they received a surprise boost when the Burgess of Forres Colin Lipscomb presented the group with a donation of PS10,000.
MYTH AND EMOTIONS, Jose Manuel Losada & Antonella Lipscomb (eds.), Newcastle upon Tyne (United Kingdom), Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017, xviii-345 p.
Naperville North sophomore Justin Gnade leapt into the second and qualifying position by a quarter-inch over Hinsdale South's Kam Lipscomb. On his last chance Lipscomb answered with a personal-record 45-6 1/2.
Lipscomb pays homage to the Negro community, now extinct, that once existed in Coeymans, New York in the first half of the twentieth century.
Hidden Killers of the Post-War Home BBC Four, 11pm Dr Suzannah Lipscomb reveals how domestic innovations developed during the Second World War brought with them new, unprecedented hazards.
Assistant District Attorney George Lipscomb reportedly said Smith did not deny committing necrophilia.
Then came my conversation with Karla Combs, chief operating officer at Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance in Memphis.
Spearheaded by Molly Lipscomb, assistant professor of public policy and economics at the University of Virginia, this group created a program that directly connected consumers and individual truckers using a rudimentary phone system.
As they ate, their server, Defendant Lisa Lipscomb, continuously swept the floor around their table and warned them that security cameras would catch them stashing food to take home.
"It was important that clinics can increase and decrease in size and expand into adjacent spaces as more demand is placed on them," says Rick Lipscomb, principal at WHLC Architecture.