v. i.1.To lisp.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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he olar "lipse signi es a time o emotional highs though you may have to revise your plansnot to mention opinions.
Des lors, l'intersubjectivite (jonction de lipse et de Valter) trace des parcours transformationnels.
Apres avoir enseigne comme professeur de droit romain et germanique a Lipse, et jusqu'apres a Bale (ou il travailla aussi comme juge de la Cour d'appel), a Kiel et a Gottingen, Rabel fut nomme professeur de droit a l'Universite de Munich en pleine guerre, en 1916.
(1992) reported the structure and evolution of lipse superfamily.Crystal structure of human gastric lipase and model of lysosomal acid lipase, two lipolytic enzymes of medical interest was reported by (Roussel et al., 1999).
Patel.P.,Pavitt.K (1991), Lipse and Weiss, Hufbauer (1994) have all carried on relevant empirical studies.
Corbett, 'The Cult of Lipsius: A Leading Source of Early Modern Spanish Statecraft', Journal of the History of Ideas, 36 (1975), 139-52; for France see Jaqueline Lagree, Juste Lipse et La Restauration du Stoicisme etude et Traductions de Divers Traites Stoiciens (Paris: J.
Essa corrente foi dominada pelos trabalhos de Joseph-Juste Scaliger (1540-1609), Isaac Casaubon (1559-1614), Juste Lipse (1547-1606), Claude Saumaise (1588-1653) que fizeram, dos anos 1560 aos anos 1620, a gloria da universidade de Paris.
In that case, she might have understood that Sidney, who was aware of Lipsius's increasing weariness about staying in Leiden, merely suggested to him that he remain in England, not that "Lipse esperait obtenir une chaire en Angleterre par leur entreprise" (xvii--he never thought of going to England, but longed to return to his native country).