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Noun1.lip sync - combining audio and video recording in such a way that the sound is perfectly synchronized with the action that produced it; especially synchronizing the movements of a speaker's lips with the sound of his speech
recording, transcription - the act of making a record (especially an audio record); "she watched the recording from a sound-proof booth"
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It's OK to lipsynch if it's necessary-like, if you have a number with some nonsingers on TV.
Lipsynch is also the subject of Dundjerovic's contribution to Making Contemporary Theatre, in which he highlights a later stage in the devising process when Lepage asked each of the nine collaborators to create an hour-long vignette, punctuated by moments featuring the simultaneous use of four languages.
Perez Hilton wrote on Twitter: "Okay, the consensus seems to be that Catherine Zeta-Jones did lipsynch.
release of a Demarest Films presentation in association with Irish Film Board, BFI and LipSynch Prods.
sports a glittery headdress to lipsynch the "Marsellaise," a
Since then, he has worked with Ex Machina on productions as diverse as the much-toured play, Lipsynch, Cirque de Soleil's Totem and, in opera, Stravinsky's The Rake's Progress, first seen at La Monnaie in Brussels in 2007, and The Nightingale and Other Short: Fables, which premiered at the Canadian Opera Company in 2009.
The contributors would be concealed behind the drawings and their animated alter-egos would lipsynch their words.
TSF has a close relationship with Canadian theatre director Robert Lepage whose latest play, Lipsynch, it is still involved with.
Robert Lepage is bringing his nine-hour Lipsynch to Brooklyn Academy of Music in October.
As well as using CGI fireworks, the organisers of the Chinese spectacle decided that a cute little girl should lipsynch to Ode To The Motherland, while the less facially fortunate girl who was actually singing was hidden from viewers' eyes backstage.
Moreover, his representations of other minority groups have been similarly problematic, particularly Zulu Time's use of blackface and his casting of Hispanic actress Nuria Garcia as a maid and prostitute in Lipsynch (2008).